Galactic Goodness and the Cosmic Arcade

by Anxious Houseguest

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This is an album. I made it between the summers of 2016 and 2017.

Much of it ended up like a sound collage of quiet thoughts, loud parties with friends, and diaries read on busy streets. In my day to day life, my brain tends to drift from thought to thought – I wanted this album to reflect that as one collected work.

It's an album about hanging on to the people you care about, looking for new stars at night, and learning to cope with the constraints of capitalist society.

I hope it takes you somewhere.


releases October 2, 2017

All tracks written, composed, produced, and performed by Kris

Album art and background by Kibble (

Thank you to my friends who gave their valuable and appreciated feedback, y'all are the coolest <3



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Anxious Houseguest Portland, Oregon

bedroom pop//
dream pop//

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Track Name: 1 - Unemployed
We sat on your steps
drank whiskey and watched
the people running to and from the shops
do you think they all have jobs?

Summer without AC
waiting til it's dark
to leave your house and join society
with our heads in a fog
Track Name: 2a - Soaked
We raced home trying to beat the rain
but we wound up soaked to the bone
I'd never seen rain like that till we moved here
We draped our clothes over every chair

Things dried out, even the loose dollar I had in my pocket
I might get sick, maybe hot tea can help stop it
I took a shower, let the hot water thaw me out

Rain pelted the windows, like it wanted in
but we let it drum

We turned on cartoons and tried to zone out
The rain will stop soon, but that doesn't mean
we have to
Track Name: 3 - Little Things
You never used to hang your coat there
You always wear the same distant stare
I really wish I could like the new place
but it's got the same old quirks as before

You never used to play your music so loud
and lately I can't block it out
I'm trying to get used to the neighbor's dog
but he barks at me every time I leave

There's clouds outside that float by like you and I
There's birds outside that don't fly when I walk by
I'll never get why you play your games on hard
when the goal is just to get to the end

It's the way you talk like nothing's wrong
happy and dead, and why can't I get along?
We spend our days tuning out as the little things
pile up

You never used to be so quiet
Whatever you want to say I just wish
you'd get it out
Track Name: 4 - Ringing in My Ears
Too many people not enough caffeine
but you and I each get what the other means

You said that you set your backyard on fire
when you were a kid, and you tried to run

But your folks and your neighbors put it out
and I clench your hands in mine
as we wait for the sun
Track Name: 6a - Leftovers
I'll have to get up sometime
the cat can't feed herself
I'll heat up leftovers myself
they never taste the same the second time

Taking extra time to stand in the shower

Like static on TV is this destiny or just a dream?
This world chips away the best of me and leaves the rest

There's rain coming down outside
and it's too bright in this room
It's the kindof day that makes you go to work high
if you go at all
It says a lot about a person if they show up on time
but I can't move
Track Name: 7a - Breakfast Cereal
You've worn the same thing for three days now
don't you think change would do you good?

I know how you feel about crowds
but there's new movies out
maybe we could see something good

Breakfast cereal, soggy in the bowl
You just eat all the marshmallows
Track Name: 8 - August
August is my least favorite month
When we were kids it meant going back to school
thinking of who we'd be when it's done
and all the things we didn't get to do
Once you've gone through that more than once
you learn that the end of summer is cruel

I'm no good at sharing the same bed
Summer sweat clings to me
My hair is damp, the air is heavy
I will wait nervously wishing I could sleep
But I can't

I haven't had cigarettes in months
because they say tight blood flow is bad for your size
Since you left I haven't fucked anyone
But I'd like to know I could, if I tried

My head feels like bruised fruit
And I don't know what to do
An army of cheap fans pointing at me
Doing my best to keep my cool

I'm no good at sharing the same bed
Summer sweat clings to me
My hair is damp, the air is heavy
I will wait nervously wishing I could sleep
But I can't
Track Name: 9a - 3rd Cup of Coffee
You're my third cup of coffee on days off
The spliff we rolled coming home
You're the luck I need
I smiled and coughed
Track Name: 9b - Dumb Rock
You're like one of those rocks
they sell in tourist shops
I still keep the one that you gave me
but you probably forgot
We live on a big one after all
So it's no surprise you can't rely on time to fix it all

When I get the cash
I'm gonna re-buy
All my old shirts in my new size
but they won't be the same
as candid photos of all our best friends
so it's no surprise you can't rely on time to fix it all